DC cabbies don’t care

Washington, DC cabbies just don’t care. That’s my conclusion. What else am I left to think? They’re slow, they stop for pedestrians and yellow lights, and they generally display zero urgency in getting me to my destination.

That’s right: my critique of DC cabbies is that they’re decent drivers. Cause who wants that?!

Far be it for me to group a bunch of people together and criticize them, except right now: DC cabbies suck. They don’t care about you and your destination. They’re safe, conscientious drivers, and that’s awful.

This doesn’t happen in other towns. In New York City, the cabbies demonstrate a keen interest in getting me to my destination immediately. There is no “traffic law” or “police officer” that will prevent them from driving unnecessarily fast and dangerously on my behalf, and I sincerely appreciate that.

But where is this gusto in DC? Where is the urgency?

On top of this, DC cabbies do something intolerable. They “toot” at me when I’m walking down the street, thinking I might need a ride. They’re never around when I need them – like when I stumbled out of a comedy show last night – and then they’re always tooting when I don’t.

Hey DC cabbies, stop tooting! You don’t have to ask me via toot if I need a ride. You’ll know when I need a ride: I’ll be getting into an Uber.

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