4 New Ann Coulter Book Ideas that Stick it to the Left

This woman is fighting for American values.

This woman is fighting for American values.

Ann Coulter, a succubus sent by Satan to complain about Mexicans and feminists on Fox News, has written a new book: Adios America: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country Into a Third World Hellhole. The “left,” as we all know, meets in Al Gore’s secret carbon neutral castle to plot America’s destruction through affordable healthcare, education, and voting rights. Coulter persuasively argues that the “left” will only be satisfied when Spanish is the official language and the smell of fajitas wafts from every apartment building, corrupting our all-American nostrils with the stench of diversity. Their insidious agenda that’s destroying freedom must be curtailed.

Coulter, who plans to lead the charge against liberal America for the foreseeable future, has several new book ideas in the works. Here are the next four Ann Coulter books that will surely rally all patriotic, freedom loving Americans and help defeat the grotesque left:

1) Horseshoes, Hand Grenades, and Hairy Armpits: Feminism’s Attack on American Values

2) Oy Vey! The Jewish Plot to Destroy the American Dream

3) From Power Tools to Power Bottoms: The Gay Agenda and the Emasculation of America

4) Let’s Put All of the Immigrants, Blacks, Muslims, Gays, Feminists, and Poor People on a Giant Boat and Ship Them to Canada: My Plan to Save America

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