Noble Lounge Debrief #1

We launched a new GCDC weekly comedy show this past Wednesday at the Noble Lounge on 9th St NW. It went great!

The Noble Lounge opened a mere 8 months ago and is primarily a hookah bar and late-night lounge. Its owner and much of its clientele are Ethiopian by descent but many are really Northern Virginians by upbringing. It’s got great ownership and the staff couldn’t be friendlier.

As for the show, it’s a winner. We’re branching out a little bit from strictly stand-up comedy for this one by inviting one improv troupe per week to perform in the middle of the show, and GCDCers Matt Dundas and Jonas Tavela bring their musical instruments (ukulele and bass guitar, respectively) to liven up the proceedings with some catchy comedic melodies. For the inaugural show, Matt opened with a brand new song disparaging Christopher Columbus, and Jonas closed out the show with two local favorites, “My Name is Frank” and “Dark Vader is Evil”. GCDC’s Max Wolfson performed a great set, as did several of our friends in comedy from around the region. Penthouse Basements was the improv troupe and they were hilarious.

It’ll take a few weeks for the neighborhood to realize what’s going on, so the room wasn’t as full as it will be soon, but for an inaugural free comedy show at an obscure Ethiopian hookah bar it was a smashing success!

You’ll find GCDC every Wednesday at 7pm at Noble Lounge for the foreseeable future. Come on down and grab some free laughs!

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