Last night was GCDC’s Spooky Scary Halloween Spectacular at DC9 and holy shit! It was spooky, scary and spectacular.


Dee Ahmed as a bunny at GCDC’s Spooky Scary Halloween Spectacular at DC9 last night

All the comics dressed up. There was Chris Brandt as Ringo Starr’s long lost cousin Bingo. There was Jess Feeney as a pig/cop. There was Chris Blackwood as a loofah, which is a thing I never knew the name of until yesterday but every time Chris said it I nodded like I knew and then when I got home I looked it up and finally got the joke. Thank you Chris!

Speaking of Chris Blackwood, he just returned from an ill-fated 10-month-long-adventure-turned-three-week-disaster trip to Bangladesh, where he was supposed to teach English but instead cowered in fear of ISIS.

He was shipped home via a 40-hour plane ride just in time to deliver a golden 10-minute diatribe about his misfortunes. Here’s a clip:

[THIS VIDEO WAS BLOCKED BY ISIS. Okay, not really. But Chris saw it and realized it could negatively impact his career opportunities and politely asked us to remove it. When we refused, he filed suit. The judge ruled that because the video contained original Chris Blackwood material it wasn’t ours to post and he ordered the video immediately removed. We filed for an injunction with another judge, asking to be allowed to keep the video up until our appeal had been heard. That judge refused our injunction and then our appeal was denied. We decided to take Chris out to lunch and see if we could manipulate him, through the power of linguistic rhetoric, into believing that he was wrong all this time. That didn’t work either. It’s okay, we poisoned his lunch and he was laid out for 48 hours with the shits. But anyway, that’s why the video was removed.]

GCDC will have another awesome showcase lined up soon so check back for updates and ticket information. Until then, swing by one of our three weekly open mic shows!

Spooky? Scary? SPECTACULAR!

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