About Us


Grassroots Comedy is a group of comics that are passionate about two things: comedy and making the world a better place for everyone in it. We (along with the majority of Americans by a margin of 2.7 million, apparently) disagree with the Trump administration’s agenda on essentially all accounts, and believe that we can do better. With the many common sense issues that are at stake, we want to do our best to fight back and ensure that decades of hard work from educators, scientists, community organizers, administrators, and policy makers working to make the world a better place isn’t set back another ga-zillion years.

As an organization run by stand-up comics, we do this through the avenue we know best: making people laugh.


Making humans laugh while improving humanity


Every month, Grassroots Comedy focuses its comedic and change-making efforts on a different issue that the incoming administration has made clear it is going to do all it can to bring down. We support each of these issues holistically, through offering comedic entertainment that makes people laugh and builds awareness on the issue at hand. We use these comedic efforts to raise funds, engage local community members, and create calls to action (because doing something good is an excellent remedy for the feeling of hopelessness).

We do all of this in the following ways:

  1. Host monthly comedy shows that are fundraisers and calls to action for the monthly issue.
  2. Hold monthly comedy media production competitions (videos, blog posts, memes, etc.) surrounding the monthly issue, which will be used to further spread the message of the issue and will result in a sexy prize for the winner. 
  3. Post monthly articles about the issue and how to get involved