About Us

As seen in The Washington Post, Grassroots Comedy DC (GCDC) is run by comics that are passionate about two things: comedy and making the world a better place. We (along with the majority of Americans by a margin of 2.7 million, apparently) disagree with the Trump administration’s agenda on essentially all counts, and believe that we can do better (not “we” as in us personally- definitely not that! More “we” as in Americans generally).

GCDC currently runs monthly stand-up comedy shows benefitting great causes that are suffering under the administration’s policies, showing everyone a great time while raising a few bucks for groups such as Planned Parenthood, La Clinica Del Pueblo and the Chesapeake Climate Action Network. We’ve raised more than $15,000 since January 2017.

We were founded by local comedians Matt Dundas and Chris Blackwood, and we like to say we’re “making humans laugh while improving humanity.”